Resin Bound Stone.

Natural Stone Finish

Pebble paving gives a natural stone finish to your concrete or asphalt surface. It can be used for pathways, driveways, courtyards, car parks and any other asphalt or concrete area. Our pebble pave products use the optimal combination of specially formulated resin and aggregate size to achieve high load bearing strength and flexibility.

We offer resin bound stone in a wide variety of colours to offer you the right look and feel for your surface.

Our resin can also be used with specially prepared crushed glass. For foot traffic areas, the use of crushed glass with resin on its own or in addition to our resin bound stone offers many more design possibilities. The use of LEDs under crushed glass with our resin offers even more unique design opportunities.

Permeable Paving

Our permeable paving product is a variation of our resin bound stone which allows for hardstand load bearing yet permeable paved areas. A permeable surface is one which allows liquids to flow through it. This is traditionally done with loose stone which can be messy requiring renewal and high maintenance. With permeable paving there is no loose material making it low maintenance and a more practical surface. Your entire driveway can be permeable if you so desire.

Crushed glass cannot be used where permeable paving is required.

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