Outdoor Paving.


Steps need to be not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and designed with safety in mind.  Jims Paving understand these requirements and have a number of paving options to select from in order to give you the best look and functionality.  Jims Paving can also help you match your steps to your existing paving and retaining walls to have a unified look.


Although they may seem simple enough Jim’s Paving can make your pathways look unique and match any style or theme you like through the use of pavers or spray on paving.

Pool Coping

Finish off your pool area with paving or spray on paving. With our spray on paving products we can also provide non-slip and stain resistant properties to your pool surrounds. Jims Paving will advise you on the most suitable products especially where chlorine and/or salt is used.

Retaining Walls

Jim’s Paving use retaining walls to terrace problematic slopes which better utilises the space and also reduces soil erosion. Jim’s Paving will only construct garden and retaining walls that meet with your council and licensing specifications.

Soak Wells (WA only)

A soak well is a water drainage system used primarily in sandy areas, usually coastal. These reduce soil erosion from water flowing off non permeable surfaces such as roofs