As well as paving stones or blocks for your driveway Jim’s Paving also offer spray on paving solutions to make your driveway look amazing and increase your homes street appeal. Using our spray on paving products Jim’s Paving can colour your driveway anyway you like with far less interruption than laying pavers and more design possibilities.

Any of our resin bound stone products can also be used on your driveway for a natural stone finish without the hassle of loose stone or pebbles. Your resin bound driveway can also be permeable to allow for the free flow of water through your driveway.

Jim’s paving can also just seal your driveway rejuvenating the current surface. This makes it more resistant and easier to clean.

An important part of your driveway is the preparation. Make sure you use professionals like Jim’s Paving to insure your driveway will take the repeated strain of vehicles traveling on it.

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