Paving problems found during Adelaide’s Building Inspections

Uneven, cracked and displaced paving around Adelaide’s older homes, are being frequently identified in pre purchase building inspections as a safety hazard.

Recent data from Jim’s Building Inspectors in Adelaide have noted that paving defects and cracking in concrete driveways and pathways is one of the most common but easily rectified challenges new home owners face.

Causes of Paving and Pathway Damage 

“Environmental factors like the weather combined with proximity to major trees and the overall age of the paving material are the key causes of cracking to concrete paving,” said Jim’s Building Inspections Regional Manager Andrew Skinner.

1 in 4 Adelaide Building Inspections find Damaged Paving

“We find paving problems and cracked concrete in about 1 in 4 of the homes we inspect around Adelaide.”

“Vendors will often invest in property styling but it’s often the first impression, the drive way, path ways and exterior entertaining areas that home buyers first see.

Repair Paving Before Selling Your Home

“Unfortunately our reports will also usually highlight cracked and lifting pathways and paving as a Safety Hazard.  Getting paving fixed as you prepare your home for sale can save this red flag on the Building Inspection report,” said Andrew.

Basic paving repairs like removing and reinstating a new front footpath or driveway can take as little as 1-2 days to complete.

Jim’s Paving in Adelaide offers a free quotation service for anyone preparing their home for sale. (CTA)