Heat Island effect and “Green” surfaces

The term “heat island” describes built up areas that are hotter than nearby rural areas. Shrinking this down to your own home or business, these areas are your paved surfaces, such as your driveway, and roof. Solar energy from the sun which is absorbed by these surfaces then gets emitted as ambient heat. This ambient heat warms surrounding areas and buildings leading to increased costs of running air conditioning. Using a solar reflective coating, such as our Spray On coatings, on these surfaces reduces the heat absorbed by the surface which then gets emitted as ambient heat.

The heat island effect is generated by roads, carparks, sidewalks and courtyards. When Jim’s Paving Spray Pave coatings are applied, to a carpark for example, the running costs of air conditioning in adjacent buildings can be reduced by up to 1/3. Less electricity consumption means less carbon emissions from electricity production. Our Spray On system has found great success with schools saving money but also reducing surface temperatures so much that they can be easily walked on. Subsequently reducing the risk of heat exhaustion and other heat related ailments that children in particular can be susceptible to. This translates to other large hardstand communal or public areas where the reduced ambient heat can make for a more pleasant user experience.

To further expand on the green aspect of solar reflective surfaces. Jim’s Paving’s Spray On coatings also extend the life of the surface they are applied to. Meaning surfaces need to be renewed less often, cutting down on the cost and emissions caused by pulling up surfaces and disposing of or recycling them. As well as the cost and emissions associated with creating the replacement surface.

We guarantee our coatings for 7.5 years, generally though the coatings will last as long as the surface they are applied to. Our coatings will adhere aggressively to concrete or asphalt as well as many other masonry substrates. While there is the major benefit of solar reflectiveness, there are even more advantages to mention when using a premium Spray On system such as ours. It’s chemical resistant, has UV stable colorants, non-slip, easier to clean, doesn’t require regular sealing, can handle any traffic including vehicular, can be virtually any colour and pattern and is user and environmentally friendly to apply being a water, not solvent, based product.

Make your hardscape areas beautiful architectural features as well as green and economically friendly. Thanks for reading, please visit our website http://www.jimspaving.net/services/spray-on-paving/ for more info. You can also call us on 131 546 and ask to speak to the divisional or email me personally at jimspavinganz@gmail.com

Thanks for reading.

Dion Morgan

Paving Division General Manager