Fix a slippery surface

A slick slippery surface can be a serious hazard. Regardless of home or work the potential injury and consequences of a fall resulting from a slippery surface can be catastrophic. Jim’s Paving offer a variety of solutions for a slippery surface problem. Both our Spray On and Resin Bound Stone service can remove the problem of a slippery surface.

Our spray on systems are inherently non-slip, meaning you get the solution to your problem as well as all the other benefits and design possibilities of our spray on systems such as durability, warranty and colour stability.

You can take non slip one step further and make the slippery area permeable. Permeable surfaces allow for water to flow through the surface, meaning no standing or pooling water. Our Resin Bound Stone service can be installed as a fully permeable and trafficable hardstand surface.

Thanks for reading.

Dion Morgan

Jim’s Paving Divisional Manager