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Fix a slippery surface

A slick slippery surface can be a serious hazard. Regardless of home or work the potential injury and consequences of a fall resulting from a slippery surface can be catastrophic. Jim’s Paving offer a variety of solutions for a slippery surface problem. Both our Spray On and Resin Bound Stone service can remove the problem […]

Paving problems found during Adelaide’s Building Inspections

Uneven, cracked and displaced paving around Adelaide’s older homes, are being frequently identified in pre purchase building inspections as a safety hazard. Recent data from Jim’s Building Inspectors in Adelaide have noted that paving defects and cracking in concrete driveways and pathways is one of the most common but easily rectified challenges new home owners […]

Heat Island effect and “Green” surfaces

The term “heat island” describes built up areas that are hotter than nearby rural areas. Shrinking this down to your own home or business, these areas are your paved surfaces, such as your driveway, and roof. Solar energy from the sun which is absorbed by these surfaces then gets emitted as ambient heat. This ambient […]

New services for Jim’s Paving

The Jim’s paving division has recently come under new management and is undergoing some exciting changes. The most significant of these changes being the introduction of new services into the division. So now, as well as all the previous services, Jim’s Paving offers Spray On Paving and Resin Bound Stone Paving. If you have an […]